The Creator’s Rights Alliance (CRA) / L’Alliance pour les droits des créateurs (ADC) is a group of artists including singers, theater players and poem writers which formed this group who is dedicated for preventing content theft and is devoted to the defense, the promotion and the protection of the interests of Canadian creators in relation to intellectual property. We are the writers, visual, directors, composers and musicians, and other authors and performers working in all disciplines and media, whose creative expressions not only reflect Canada to Canadians and to global audiences, but challenge us to think about what we can become. The Alliance is organized around the principle that creators’ rights are fundamental to Canadian society.

List Of websites added – Januray 2017

Canadian Health: Hemorrhoids is a big issue in Canada, although rarely talked about. Because of this we decided to add two websites/articles to our protection (we usually only add poems/artists/etc).  The first website is  – which is an in depth website by Mark Kagulu from Quebec. The second one is from the Canadain magazine davieday – and helps fight piles/hemorrhoids.

List Of websites added – December 2017 – an awesome Canadian blog which deals with arts and shows amazing Canadian culture moments.  Ahhh!